The Big Sleuth

In 2017, Birmingham will see a sleuth of Sun Bear sculptures appearing throughout the city in this fun family art trail.

A sleuth is the collective noun for a group of bears and these ones are extra cute! The sun bear, also called the honey bear, is found in the rainforests of Asia and has a distinctive golden crescent on its chest, hence the name sun bear. The big sleuth project was created to raise funds for the Birmingham Children's Hospital charity but also aims to inspire residents and tourists to uncover Birmingham’s cultural gems and discover areas of the city they have not explored before.

This is a big trail! There are nearly 100 large bears and even more smaller ones. We haven't verified this trail yet but would estimate a couple of days would be required to complete it based on similar size trails.

(Thanks to Daniel Graves Photography and the Big Sleuth team for the photos)

Big Sleuth Art Trail
United Kingdom
Date Range: 
Monday, 10 July, 2017 to Sunday, 17 September, 2017

Last modified: 
Saturday, 7 October, 2017 - 09:25