These art of sculpture trails contain mostly art installations.

Former grain silos throughout Victoria have become the unlikely canvas for a group of local artists on this vast Australian Art Trail.

The Latvian capital plays host to an annual Christmas Tree art trail, illuminating the cities streets with festive works by local student artists and international scultors, all in the form of the iconic Christmas symbol.

A brand new art trail by the bay, in the heart of Singapore, the trail celebrates work by Singapore artists and renowned international artists including Han Sai Por and Roy Lichtenstein.

"Comics and animation have been important elements of Hong Kong culture since the 1960s and mirror its social development.

The Painted Illusion Trail in Staithes in coastal North Yorkshire was created in 2014 by renowned local artist Paul Czainski. The trail includes 8 realistic 'illusions' painted on buildings around the hidden corners of the village.

The painted ‘Town Windows’ in Knaresborough are an art installation created to recreate the illusion of real Georgian windows around the town, many of which were bricked up in the late 1600's to avoid the window tax.

Helsinki Art Museum (HAM) has organised a new art trail around Helsinki celebrating Finland's most famous author Tove Jansson.

High above the streets of Belgium's capital are brightly decorated walls depicting comic book characters from Belgian cartoons. The route takes visitors along several walls in Brussels and Laeken with big paintings of famous comic book heroes.

Born in Bristol in 1974, the famed street artist uses spray paint to create his works.  Banksy's art is dotted around the city and the Bristol tourist information have provided a map of where to find his greatest works.

Find the fish; explore the city. Follow Hull’s unique pavement of fish, an A- Z of fish creating a tour of the historic Old Town. 41 pieces of sculpture made from traditional materials make up this impressive piece of public art.


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