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Art along the Westersingel canal in Rotterdam (flickr/donbrr)

Westersingel Sculpture Route

Rotterdam, Netherlands

Discover a world of contemporary art along the picturesque Westersingel canal in Rotterdam, where the Westersingel Sculpture Route showcases a stunning collection of modern and contemporary sculptures, inviting you on a journey of artistic inspiration.

Crab on the corner - Des Blenkinsopp

Withernsea Fish Trail

Withernsea and the Holderness Coast, East Yorkshire, United Kingdom

Fish and Crustaceans decorate locations around Withernsea based on the local fishing industry along the Holderness coastline.

A face sculpture on La Rambla in Santa Cruz, Tenerife (flickr/tenerife)

Santa Cruz Street Sculpture Trail

Santa Cruz, Tenerife, Spain

Stroll the streets of Tenerife as you explore sculpture and street art in the island's capital.

The Depot sculpture by Joey Manson (flickr/120143184@N05)

Mauldin Public Art Trail

Mauldin, South Carolina, United States

Encounter a diverse range of sculptures on this short trail around the Mauldin Cultural Center, South Carolina.

Grain silos painted with art work (flickr/82134796@N03)

Silo Art Trail

Wimmera Mallee, Victoria, Australia

Explore Australia's largest outdoor art gallery! Ornately decorated former grain silos link small towns throughout the Wimmera Mallee region of Victoria.

Fountain of Wealth, Singapore (flickr/papaija2008)

Marina Bay Art Trail

Marina Bay, Singapore City, Singapore

Admire some of the most fascinating and interesting outdoor modern art sculptures in Singapore by local and renowned international artists.

Play II by Viktor Jansson

The life path of Tove

Helsinki, Finland

Follow in the footprints of Finland's most celebrated author and discover Tove Jansson artworks across Helsinki’s streets and parks.

Sculpture on the Staithes Painted Illusion Trail

Painted Illusion Trail

Staithes, North Yorkshire, United Kingdom

Discover the painted illusions as you explore the coastal North Yorkshire town of Staithes.