24 Stops Art Trail

Spanning the border of two countries, striking modern sculptures are displayed along a picturesque art trail through rural and urban Switzerland and Germany.

TWENTY FOUR STOPS features 24 unique sculptures by artist Tobias Rehberger. The art trail links two countries, two communities and two cultural institutions telling countless stories along the way. It connects the Vitra Campus in Weil am Rhein (Germany) with the Fondation Beyeler in Riehen (Basel, Switzerland) through beautiful vineyards and orchards overlooking the city of Basel.  This 5km long art trail follows the Rehberger-Weg showcasing 24 unique sculptures created by the artist Tobias Rehberger. The sculptures are supported by Swiss watch manufacturer Swatch and feature some of their unique stylings, whilst showcasing the stunning local scenery.

The trail is an easy walk but is uneven in places and includes some long uphill sections. Both ends of the trail are easily accesible on public transport.

24 Stops Art Trail, Switzerland
Basel and Weil am Rhein

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