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Westersingel Sculpture Route

Rotterdam, Netherlands

Discover a world of contemporary art along the picturesque Westersingel canal in Rotterdam, where the Westersingel Sculpture Route showcases a stunning collection of modern and contemporary sculptures, inviting you on a journey of artistic inspiration.

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About Westersingel Sculpture Route

The Westersingel Sculpture Route is an outdoor sculpture exhibit located in the city of Rotterdam, Netherlands. The route is situated along the Westersingel canal, showcasing a collection of modern and contemporary sculptures by local and international artists. The sculptures are placed along the canal, allowing visitors to enjoy them while strolling along the water.

The route is designed to be a self-guided tour, with information and descriptions of each sculpture provided along the way. The sculptures on the Westersingel Sculpture Route vary in size, material, and style, offering visitors a diverse range of art to admire. Some of the sculptures are site-specific, meaning they were created specifically for the location along the canal, while others are pieces that have been displayed at various exhibitions and galleries.

The Westersingel Sculpture Route is a popular destination for art lovers, families, and those interested in contemporary art. The route is easily accessible by foot or bike, and is free to visit. The sculptures are typically on display year-round, making the Westersingel Sculpture Route a unique and accessible way to experience modern and contemporary art in the heart of Rotterdam.

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Published: 29 January 2023

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