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Wrocław Dwarf Trail

Wrocław, Poland

Meet the smallest and cheeriest citizens of Wrocław in this huge open air sculpture trail around the city.

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About Wrocław Dwarf Trail

The Wrocław Dwarf trail started in 2005 when a number of small elf-like creatures began appearing on the streets of Wrocław, Poland. Since then, their numbers have been continually growing, and today they are considered a tourist attraction with many businesses commissioning their own dwarf as a symbol of good luck.

There are currently more than 350 dwarves around Wrocław, including international representations in the other European cities of Paris, Dresden and Hamburg.

There is an official map which can be printed but we chose to use one of the great free apps available on your app store to help find all the dwarves. It is unlikely, even with a full week, that you will catch all the dwarves but the ones in the centre of the city can easily be found in a day. Wrocław is a beautiful city so do make sure you see some of the city as well as the trail. Our favourite sculpture on the trail was the dwarf orchestra near the theatre in Wrocław!

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Published: 20 January 2023

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