These art or sculpture trails are mainly located in the countryside away from cities and towns.

There is a nominal fee for completing this trail unless you are staying at the on-site accommodation.

An approx. 11-kilometer circular trail run by the Ars Natura Foundation with the themes of "reflection" and "deceleration".

24 Stops Art Trail, Switzerland

TWENTY FOUR STOPS features 24 unique sculptures by artist Tobias Rehberger. The art trail links two countries, two communities and two cultural institutions telling countless stories along the way.

Forgotten Giants, Copenhagen

The works are the concept of Danish artist Thomas Dambo and are built from wood with the help of local volunteers.The art trail takes in the often-overlooked parks and nature spots around the West of the Danish capital, taking in areas including R

Around the town, there are more than twenty reproductions of Matisse and Derain's work displayed along the coastal path near where the artists would have perched their easels. Near to the paintings are metal picture frames where creative visitors

The Spanish island of Lanzarote in the North Atlantic was home to famed artist César Manrique. This trail around the island showcases his most famous works and buildings.

Dartmoor in the United Kingdom is the stunning backdrop for 100 cheeky otters located around the national park.

Former grain silos throughout Victoria have become the unlikely canvas for a group of local artists on this vast Australian Art Trail.

The forest of Dean Sculpture Trail is one of the oldest in the UK, created in 1986. The trail features forest-inspired sculptures by local artists which can be viewed on the trail, while enjoying the forest landscape.

The trail is designed to encourage a deeper understanding of Gloucestershire’s rural heritage, promoting cultural tourism around the county, as well as raising money for the Pied Piper charity.


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