24 Stops Art Trail, Switzerland

This art trail links two countries, two communities and two cultural institutions telling countless stories along the way.

2018 is the 50th anniversary of Johnny Cash's album recorded in Folsom prison.

The Sculpture Park features works of art created by 16 artists of Cypriot and Greek origin as well as a number of international artists.

This street art trail takes place predominantly in the south of the city, featuring painted works on walls by New Zealand and international artists.

Forgotten Giants, Copenhagen

The works are the concept of Danish artist Thomas Dambo and are built from wood with the help of local volunteers.The art trail takes in the often-overlooked parks and nature spots around the West of the Danish capital, taking in areas including R

Marchmont Street, London. Foundling Token trail

This is definitely an art trail where you need to look down!

Leeds Owl Trail - Art Trail Project

The owl emblem first appeared on the city's coat of arms and has since been adopted as an emblem of the city.

Around the town, there are more than twenty reproductions of Matisse and Derain's work displayed along the coastal path near where the artists would have perched their easels. Near to the paintings are metal picture frames where creative visitors

Launched in summer 2014, the Water Tank Project was created as part art exhibition and part awareness campaign, highlighting global water issues across the globe.

The walls were conceived in 2009 by the late local artist Tony Goldman, with a vision of providing "the greatest street art ever seen in one place".


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