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The life path of Tove

Helsinki, Finland

Follow in the footprints of Finland's most celebrated author and discover Tove Jansson artworks across Helsinki’s streets and parks.

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About The life path of Tove

Helsinki Art Museum has organised an art trail around Helsinki celebrating Finland's most famous author, Tove Jansson. Jansson is most noted for writing about the lives of the fictional hippo-like, peace-loving children's creatures known as the Moomins.

The life path of Tove is a trail consisting of nine places around Helsinki related to the life and work of Tove Jansson. Artworks along the trail consist of statues, frescos and wall reliefs around Helsinki’s streets and parks. Tove can be spotted as a model for statues, a profile on a wall relief, and a figure celebrating life on a fresco.

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Published: 20 January 2023

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